To Love a Sunburn

I sat in the sun
Realizing its heat
Realizing that in asking the universe
For a miracle with you that
I do not want you to be my love potion
I do not want to be mixed up or
shaken into a lovestruck cocktail
I do not want you to spell me
Or to move magic into my veins
My body burns with these thoughts
Beneath the smile of the sun
If we are to love then,
Let it be real and true
Let it float in on waves and
Leave behind its remarkable aroma
If we are to become one
Let us learn forgiveness and sacrifice
Let us learn the art of reconciliation
Before we perfect the spar in our arguments
I am not too shy to say when
my eyes are not clear and my
Past has come to pull at the spark
In a dark and lonely room,
Let you be, for me,
the hand that flicks the lighter
And the smile that glows above the
Fruitful flame
Teach the cat to be Cheshire happy
And not so full of puzzling riddles
Teach the wordy dog tongue to
Lick the shapes of grace and not
To master manipulation in such a wild way
I want to be on fire for you
But I do not wish to burn
I cannot perish in such a lustful way
When considering the heat,
Let it be the product of
a heart-fire dancing inside the body
Let it be a star shooting deep into a field
And not a shower of hellish flame
I think about the flames and the flamethrower
I think about these things beneath the sun
Without scorching

To Love a SunBurn Ă— ajthewriter


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