The Labyrinth

I have been mercifully steeped inside the maze
Blood-bone-black and breaking into the moon
With a backpack full of hopeless memories,
The monarch butterfly signals a change from
The sweet nostalgia of what we had
and what we used to be

I am not weak
I am not some broken down and lost thing
I have not sold myself to the darkest part of it
But I am here for now
With sweat soaking into my cheeks
And sore-soled feet

I am profiled into the moment
much like one of the immortalized legends,
I am navigating the lines
of an especially abstruse labyrinth
With the grace of a new style

How in fashion am I?
How contagious are my thought patterns?
Do you notice the blue and how it
Wraps its arms around me like a shawl?

Do you notice how at a moments notice, I can be
Dripped in rose gold and rising up on high heels?

They are challenging me to lean into my fears but
I am already walking on ice
just as they told me not to do
I am already pushing at the boundaries of self- discovery
Always skating
Always dancing against the body of the odds

Without hesitation and in the face of the music,
I ask my reflection,
If in a month from now, the atmosphere leaves me breathless
And the breakdown still does not come..
If the water wells are cold and my
Competitor concedes to the miracle of unexpected growth,
Will we still speak about happiness and healing?
Will the practiced dance feel the same
beneath the burn of incandescent lights?

I am tumbling and rolling deep within the knowing
that silence is a brave and blessed thing

Because of this,
I am not surprised at all of the smiles that come my way
Because of this,
I am not afraid to hold my words behind clinched teeth

The Labyrinth × ajthewriter


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