You Are Enough

Sometimes I say this in the mirror

I wipe hot tears and remind myself

They are not a bad thing

There is no useless water

And if they are all that comes out today,

They are enough

You are enough

Sometimes, as I wash my body in the shower

I pretend I am, not under a waterfall,

But fully present in my own home

I write the words in the steamed mirror

You are enough

You are enough

You are enough

Sometimes, when the days are long

And the world spins me like a top

I stare into my palms and tell them

You did enough

I grab my own ears and tell them

You’ve listened enough

I pat my legs and reassure them

You’ve carried enough, travelled enough

I wrap my arms around myself and ask,

“Do you feel this? This is your home.”

And I know in my heart, it is enough

There are days when the darkness hovers

And it is adamant that I avoid loving myself

It tries to convince me that

that is a job for someone else

On those days,

I sing the words loudly,

I write them boldly,

I chant them repeatedly,

I color them brightly,

I make them into poetry

I press them into my mind deeply

“You are enough

More than enough

So much more

So much more ..”


(Photo via pinterest)


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