Casually Wandering Through the Wonder

Have you ever had a day

Where you just wanted to feel safe?

No threats from the anxieties of the outside world

No unstable states of mind

No advertisements for sickness

Imagine real health in a really healthy world

A heart-conscious reality

Where the body can relax for a change

A place where betrayal (especially of the self) does not occur

Imagine a day where you’re not battling inwardly

The brainwaves are smooth

The laughter comes easily

There is no such thing as brainwashing or

Energy vampirism

There is no such thing as hatred and

No grudges to be held, they are too heavy

There is no such thing as mental slavery

And no such thing as rescue because

No one gets lost

No one gets abandoned, there is no abandonment

There are no wars to fight

And no poverty to rise up against

There is no racism or discrimination

No rape or child abuse and no blindness

There is no hell

Just peace and comfort

Sometimes I sit and wonder

Would a world like that be heaven?

What would it be like to experience?

No negative thoughts or behaviors

No punishment theories or escape rooms

No traps or snares. No dilemmas to solve

No illusions and no cries for help.

Is it the pain that both stops us and keeps us going?

How necessary is pain to growth?

“My body and mind have been as

Prepared for peace as they have been

For war.”

I read that in a veterans magazine article

And it made me think, man

If peace was right in front of us

Would we even notice?

Would we be too traumatized to

Even recognize it as a friend?


(I do not own the rights to this image)


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